How we work

1. We collect & restore bikes in the Netherlands

We take care of collecting bikes & restoring them in our warehouse in Amsterdam.

2. We help you find your bike & ship it to you

On our website or during our events we help you finding the right bike, whereafter it gets shipped to you. You can also decide to have the bike shipped to the store where they will assamble it & give it a final check.

3. Local service from our partner stores in town

You will receive the best service from our local partner stores throughout Scandinavia & northern Europe.


Damskø started in 2014, when 3 friends biked from Amsterdam to Copenhagen. In Copenhagen they received great comments on their bikes & friends there asked if they could buy the bike from us. We recognized the need and got started! As bike-lovers we know how great it is to be able to bike on these beautiful bikes through town. We want to provide you with the bikes bikes & the best service, which allows you to enjoy your time. #damskobikes