Restored Vintage Bicycles
with local service

Damskø offers a wide selection of original vintage bicycles. Buy a bike from us and receive the
best service in town! Currently available in Copenhagen, Århus, Malmö, Stockholm & Oslo.


our brands

We picked the nicest vintage brands for you

Why choose us

restored bikes

We take our bikes completely apart and build them up with modern parts to make sure you will be able to fully enjoy the ride.

free return

Don't like your bike and bought it on our website? Just send it back to us within 2 weeks!


Do you have questions, or want to adjust something on your bike? Have a visit and get it fixed for free!

We restore our bicycles completely

Every bike is fully cleaned & restored with new inner and outer cables, break pads, inner tubes & wheels,
bartape and when necessary a new wheelset, breaks or saddle.

Replaced parts

Even though we try to keep the bikes in original condition many of the parts are replaced to be able to deliver bikes in mint condition.

Every bike is unique

We carefully selected our bikes, so do not worry if you see a bit of rust or rests of usage. We made sure your bike is ready for a ride!

Choose the type you love

All the accessories you need

We made a selection of the most practical accessories for the vintage bikes.


We ship it to your place

You decide: we ship it to your place or we have it shipped to the partner store where they will assemble it for you!


Don't be selfish

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